Sunday, October 24, 2010

GNSS - HYDERABAD Unit coordination meeting 101024

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  1. I am delighted to see the information on such a 'Global' society.

    While appreciating your efforts in globalization of this great organization founded by Acharya Sri Mannath Padmanabhan, I have something to express some 'not so impressive' comments about the current scenario of the members of NSS.

    1. The values and ethics of the members is deteriorating on a rapid speed.

    2. Knowledge about the Great Heritage and 'Paithrukam' of Bharat and its education is the bare minimum;may be almost nil.

    3. NSS is unable to provide a comprehensive 'value based' education to its members (especially to our children), based on our culture and heritage. In fact, lack of proper knowledge about our own religion is the main cause of conversion to other religions.

    4. Instead of embracing our own culture developed by the Great Rishis and Yogis, most of our members adopt the western culture, and lead a miserable life.

    5. Addiction to liquor and non-vegetarian foods is widely spread among the members. NSS is unable to prevent it through mass education.

    6. We are not so strict with the Governments to safeguard our fundamental rights. Nationwide agitation is warranted to protect its members from vast destruction of a great culture in the near future.

    7. We are still unable to create the concept of unique Hinduism with the union of all Hindu organizations to safeguard our rights and privileges.

    Those are among a few fundamental problems within ourselves. 'Going back to rituals' and providing a strict value based education among the members is the need of the hour.

    I hope, this unit with the 'Global' vision in alliance with the leaders of NSS can do a lot to uplift the society as foreseen by our Great Acharya Sri Mannath Padmanabhan.