Friday, February 12, 2010

KOLKATA-NSS-tharavad-7th Feb-2010

8th February, 2010

Dear Brother,

Thank you very much for sparing your valuable time to be with all of us at our Tharavadu yesterday evening and also for enlightening us with your most beautiful lecture. Many of our members called me up this morning to tell that they are extremely delighted to hear you the last evening. And, I must add that it was a pleasure and I learned many things which I was not aware of earlier. At the cost
of repetition and on behalf of all of us at our Tharavadu I express my sincerest
thanks to you for the memorable speech and for the answeres that you were kind enough to give to the queries from the audience.

I am looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you again.

I must add that I have received several telephone calls from our members expressing
their pleasure of having heard you on that evening. All of those present at Tharavadu
at that time thoroughly enjoyed your flawless speech and smooth journey through the
most difficult subjects. On behalf of all of them I once again convey our sincere thanks
for sparing your valuable time at our Tharavadu.

I must also add, we are looking forward to welcome you again at our Tharavadu some time in future.

With very best regards,
T. S. S. Nair