Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NAIR Poem - JOKE .. !!


One of my best friends, who has been working positively to do something good for the Nair community for long time, sent me this poem. This poem clearly depitcs what he feels about it. He is known to me for more than 2 years. I also have been extending my support for the activities, including monthly e-Newsletter and a website for the Nair community. Check the website if interested in knowing more about the Nair community of Kerala.
Nair Meeting
So it was decided that there be a meetingAnd there was a meeting.Kunchan Nair was to organize,So it was decided.He fixed a date,Mandan Nair Sumbhan Nair andKelan Nair said no, have marriagesTo attend, Pottan NairSaid that it is Rahukalam in the morningLet us have another day.Every other day was triedBut failed. No free day for the Nairs.Kunchan Nair fixed it.And they all said Kunchan NairWas being a monarch.On the day of the meetingThey said they were not invitedThey were waiting for the callBut they will never call back.Except when they need a small loan,Some help some where.But one by one they came,The very busy Nairs.Mandan Nair waited at aDistance and came in lateBy half an hour, he is aBusy person he said, no time.Sumbhan Nair came one hour lateSaid he had work to do, still he came.Everyone said that they areDoing a service, by coming.Soon they were all in.The meeting began, Mandan NairSumbhan Nair and Pottan NairWanted to chair the meetingThey moved to the only chairBut Vankan Nair took it by force.We should go south, said Sumbhan NairNo we should go North, saidMandan Nair, East, said anotherWest, yet another and they fought.No south and north, everyone is nowGoing up, or down, let us too do that,Said Ponnan Nair, no one heard that.You don’t teach me, said Mandan NairTo Sumbhan Nair, and got up.And Vankan Nair agreed,Don’t teach us, they all yelled.We have seen the world, we know.Order order, said Kunchan NairYou shut up, said the others.Tea and Parippu Vada came in.‘Halla pinne..’ they sat down.Next item on the agenda,Said Kunchan Nair,Is the Drinking Water Shortage.Well, easy, let us have a dam,Said Mandan Nair,No let us make a river, said Ponnan NairMake the river flow up,I have seen it done, said yet another.There is an announcement,Said Kunchan NairBefore we part let us pay theAnnual memberships,That we can pay the hall rent,For the tea and parippu vada.Sumbhan Nair left in a hurryHe had to go to a hospital,Mandan Nair had a stomachProblem and had to go.It has become chronic these days,He came and gave a long version.One by one they all vanished andBefore leaving they advisedGo South, North or EastAs you wish, but we have to leave.Kunchan Nair was left alone,Tea shop owner and hall owner in toe.But coming out they told theOthers, we are not being consultedWe cannot accept this autocraticWay of functioning.Call a meeting immediately.(With apologies to the noble species)

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